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Energy traces at Europe’s greatest nuclear energy plant have been hit by shelling as Ukraine and Russia blame one another.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy marked the shelling the Zaporizhia facility is an “act of terror” and an “open, brazen crime”.

He added: “It’s purely a safety situation. Those that create nuclear threats to different nations are actually not able to utilizing nuclear know-how safely.”

The Ukrainian Overseas Ministry then ominously warned that “the potential penalties of hitting a functioning reactor are equal to using an atomic bomb.”

However Moscow laid the blame at Kiev’s door, saying: “Luckily, the Ukrainian shells didn’t hit the oil and gasoline amenities and the oxygen plant, thus avoiding a bigger fireplace and potential radiation accident.”

The nuclear energy plant was captured by Russia in the beginning of the invasion, however remains to be operated by Ukrainian technicians and workers.

However earlier this week, the scenario on the facility was labeled “uncontrolled” by the UN nuclear watchdog because the physique pushed for an inspection go to.

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