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Rome taxi driver ‘sexually assaulted two US college students returning residence from night time out’ | US | Information

A taxi driver has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting two US college students in Rome. Antonio Macrì, 34, is accused of attacking the ladies close to their college lodging after an evening out.

It’s alleged that Mr Macri sexually assaulted the ladies after one reported feeling unwell.

The 2 ladies allege they escaped and known as for assist.

Mr Macri was taken into custody on Tuesday on fees of alleged sexual assault.

Justice of the Peace Angela Gerardi stated he had taken benefit of the bodily situations of the younger ladies.

She stated that each ladies had been consuming, which made them weak.

Mr Macri has been held in custody.

The ladies attend John Cabot College which caters for English-speaking worldwide college students and is situated within the Trastevere space of the town.

The alleged assault occurred within the early hours of morning.

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