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Newest in Ukraine: Vladimir Putin’s puppet leaders demand areas that ‘vote 99% sure’ in unlawful referendums

PUTIN’s separatist leaders demand that 4 Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine be annexed after getting “99%” of the vote in “SHAM” referendums.

Moscow-installed officers within the areas now declare nearly full assist amongst those that participated after Russian sources beforehand reported 99% of voters need to be part of that of Putin regime.

Ballots closed yesterday in Donetsk and Lugansk within the east and in Kherson and Zaporizhia within the south. Putin desperately making an attempt to consolidate its income in Ukraine.

President Zelensky at the moment criticized the outcomes of those so-called referendums, declaring: “This farce within the occupied territory can not even be referred to as an imitation of referendums.”

Ukrainian International Minister Dmytro Kuleba referred to as on the EU to impose “extraordinarily extreme” sanctions on Russia.

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