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New pressure of M. bovis found in Canterbury

A brand new pressure of cattle illness Mycoplasma bovis has been found on a Mid Canterbury farm.

The farm is one among 4 that presently has the illness.

M. bovis eradication programme director Simon Andrew stated testing can be stepped up due to the invention.

“This pressure would not behave any otherwise than the pressure now we have been coping with, and our current testing will decide it up, because it has completed on this case. It would not have an effect on our efforts to eradicate M. bovis from New Zealand.”

Andrew stated an intensive investigation was beneath means into historic pathways, which included recorded and unrecorded animal actions courting again to 2018, imported feed and farm equipment, and frozen semen imported previous to the tightening of import well being requirements for bovine germplasm.

“Whereas thought of a really low threat, frozen semen used on the affected property, which had been imported previous to the introduction of the brand new import well being normal, is being checked out.

“Our staff is finishing up an investigation on the affected property. At this stage, there isn’t a proof to recommend that there was any ahead unfold on any farms that acquired cattle from this farm.”

The brand new pressure had not been discovered wherever else, Andrew stated.

“However illness management is all about being cautious, so we might be growing the summer time frequency of our nationwide bulk milk surveillance testing from as soon as a month to each fortnight, as we do over spring.”

He stated if MPI’s investigation into pathways revealed that additional motion was required, together with focused testing and surveillance on-farm, farmers can be advised.

“However at this stage the elevated frequency of summer time bulk tank milk testing, beef surveillance and tracing animals will serve us effectively.”

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