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My mother-in-law is my husband’s boss and even confirmed up at our honeymoon

DEAR DEIDRE: MY mother thinks my husband remains to be just a little boy to boss round and it is ruining our lives.

He places muscle on all the things and it drives me loopy.


My mother-in-law even invited herself to our honeymoon

She even invited herself to our honeymoon, took over the seating preparations at our wedding ceremony – and is continually calling on weekends for “household conferences” that we now have to attend.

I’m 32, my husband is 33 and my mother-in-law is 59.

I could not consider it when she and my father-in-law insisted on paying for our honeymoon – it was so beneficiant.

However every week earlier than our wedding ceremony they revealed to us that they’d booked a facet cottage on our Greek island so they might share a few of our “particular time” collectively.

My husband is fed up with it too, however he tries to face as much as her.

So I am the one who places my foot down, then I am thought of a troublemaker.

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I truthfully really feel like she’s suffocating me after I’m round her.

How can I modify this irritating relationship?

DEIDRE SAYS: Your mother-in-law is little question used to being the matriarch of the household.

She is used to all the things.

Speak to your husband and see if he lets her know that whereas he’ll all the time be an enormous a part of your lives, he additionally must help you make your personal choices.

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Gently however firmly set some boundaries and she is going to begin to get the message.

I’m sending you my Standing Up For Your self help package deal.

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