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Flood warnings issued for Canterbury’s rivers

Landowners in Canterbury are advised to monitor their situation as rivers rise in the region.


Landowners in Canterbury are suggested to watch their state of affairs as rivers rise within the area.

Landowners in Canterbury are being urged to stay vigilant as heavy rainfall raises rivers within the area.

In a flood warning issued on Saturday evening, Canterbury Atmosphere says heavy rain has fallen alongside the primary divide since Friday evening, increasing some catchments of the river’s foothills.

The warning mentioned the rain had abated for Central and South Canterbury however had moved to, and was underway, in North Canterbury.

Many rivers originated in southern and central Canterbury, particularly.

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Rivers rise due to heavy rainfall.

Rosa Woods/Spul

Rivers rise resulting from heavy rainfall.

“We’re seeing vital erosion injury in some rivers and this might proceed on this case. Some off-river currents have occurred in some areas and will develop over different farmlands because the occasion continues,” the warning mentioned.

The northern department of the Ashburton River has peaked and there was some flooding on farmland, advising landowners to watch their state of affairs.

At 4:51 p.m., the southern department of the Ashburton River seemed to be near a peak with the opportunity of “flowing out” on susceptible sections of the river affected by current flooding.

The Ashburton River’s principal department at State Freeway 1 will not be anticipated to peak till late Saturday and stay excessive till Sunday morning.

Landowners bordering the Rangitata River “ought to carefully monitor their state of affairs and take motion the place needed to guard the shares and property, particularly as peak flows will occur in a single day,” the warning mentioned.


Rivers overflowing their banks, flash floods and extra intense cyclones. How local weather change makes flooding extra excessive.

The leakage flows from the Waitaki Dam are anticipated to rise to 850 cumecs on Sunday at 6:00 am and between 1000 cumecs and 1200 cumecs by midday. Flooding and erosion of the decrease banks of the Waitaki River might happen.

“Landowners ought to monitor their very own state of affairs all Sunday and take precautions if needed.”

The alert comes on the identical evening emergency providers have been referred to as to a report of two folks trapped in floodwater simply upstream from the Ashburton railway bridge.

Nonetheless, a police spokesperson mentioned the particles was within the water, not folks.

Within the meantime, MetService has issued an orange heavy snow warning for Canterbury outback with 10 cm to twenty cm anticipated to fall above 300 meters on Sunday afternoon. The warning is legitimate for 3pm from 3pm on Sunday. It comes as a chilly snap begins to settle in a lot of the nation.

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